Wolf Ozone Generator

Ozone Regulator Control For Optimal Usage
10 g/h

Designed to provide a range of Ozone Outputs based on your need and the area to sanitize or clean, WOLF OZONE PROTEKTION has the capacity to create 5,000 milligram to 20 milligram per hour. With an easy regulator controller, the use is as easy as 123.
It creates a high throughput of Oxygen from the famous Corona Diffusion Technology by using a powerful Corona Tube. You will be surprised with the efficiency of Ozone creation like a large Industrial unit with this handy and portable (Just 3.8 kgs of weight).
WOLF Portable OZONE PROTEKTION can be used in offices, showrooms, warehouses, garages and automobiles. It kills Viruses, Bacteria and bad odours. This is also a good addition to your house to do a regular sanitization to live safe.

Preparing WOLF Ozone protektion generator :


With its powerful Corona Discharge Ozone engine at its core, WOLF OZONE PROTEKTION is so strong it can produce 2000 milligrams of Oxygen with its lean and powerful design. Its mean when it comes to removing those mean living organisms and odor from your surroundings. So, make your business stronger while making it safe for your customers and employees at showrooms, offices, warehouses, garages, commercial vehicles and cars. It's a good addition to your home cleaning equipment too considering the bad odors and mold for which WOLF Ozone Protection Generator is very mean.


We all need WOLF Ozone Protection Generator but we all use it for different requirements. We understand this perfectly and the Regulator allows you to use the right amount of Ozone output to get your job done. Nothing more. Nothing less.


We have got your back and help you to plan the time of running the equipment for ensuring the efficacy. Turn the knob for the exact time you would like to run it based on the place you are using it. You can control it for a Large Warehouse, A Small Office or your Car. Time it well and you get it cleaner than you ever knew.


Its designed in India. Its manufactured in India. Employees are based in India. Ownership is Indian. And it is made truly global. We believe this to the core and that’s exactly how your WOLF Ozone Protection Generator is made. We got some of the best product designers of India sat together with the young innovative engineers from some of the best Institutes our country is proud of. Your country is going places and this is your proof.

Before Wolf Protektion Treatments :
  • - Plug and Play.

  • - Can be used regularly like any indoor gadget.

  • - Don’t block airflow vents.

  • - Keep the unit clean and dry.


Treatment time and Ozone per Hour can be adjusted according to the area and air quality. If you are not sure, start with lower settings, and increase the treatment duration or frequency for the next time. Once you have set the timer and regulator, it is recommended to turn it on and leave the room.


OZONE PROTEKTION produces high concentrations of Ozone which can be harmful for humans. So ensure while you plugin the Generator to clear the area of people and pets and if possible, put a WARNING SIGN outside the area of treatment as a protection measure for people from entering the area

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