AiAQi Air Quality Monitor

Know your harmful air pollutants with a smart indoor air quality monitoring device

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What Does AiAQi Air Quality Monitor Offer?

Air Quality

AiAQi gets the real-time air pollution data of your monitor with the various air quality parameters anytime.

Mobile & Smart TV
App Enabled

Get access to the real-time and historic data with graphical representations, health recommendations, and many other features via AQI mobile app.

Reliable Web Dashboard Accessibility

AiAQi web-dashboard have several features like data download, QR code scan, link generation, Graphical data Analysis etc.

Micro SD-Card
Data Storage

Just insert your micro SD-card in the monitor to facilitate the continuous storage of all the air quality data for future use.


AiAQi have a wide range of connectivity options based on GSM, Wi-Fi and RS-485 connection. Be assured to manage your indoor environment smartly.

Why you need AiAQi Monitor ?

Indoor air pollution is a big matter of concern and environmental risk to our health. 80-90% of time, People stay indoor at home and working places. Due to this huge exposure to harmful indoor air quality, there are 3.8 million premature deaths annually caused only by indoor (household) air pollution according to WHO. This impact is not only limited to rural homes, but also in modern housing in urban cities.
There are causes and effects of indoor air contamination like cooking, cleaning chemicals, paints, smoking, dust, etc., and how a building is ventilated, room temperature, damp and condensation. Some of the main pollutants like particulate matters – (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), CO, TVOC, Formaldehyde, CO2, NO2, etc. are to measure and control from sources inside building and drawn from outdoor. AiAQi Monitor uses low-cost, highly responsive, compact design, energy efficient and RoHS compliant air quality sensors in our air quality monitoring devices to detect these air pollutants.

See the invisible Air Pollutants

See the invisible

Monitor Connectivity Process of AiAQi

To get the updates about Air Quality near you, Download AQI India app

To track the quality of air you inhale, download the AQI India app on your iOS/Android device(s) and forget all your worries.
Download the app via Google Play Store (for Android), or Apple App Store (for iOS).


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