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How do ions work on disinfecting?

Wolf Airmask is a negative ion generator, that creates an avalanche of electric ions that goes on to attach to the pollutants and other harmful contaminants airborne. The attached negative ions force the pollutants to settle down to the surface closer to it. So once your Wolf Air Thruster is on, it keeps charging the pollutants in the air whether they are dust, dangerous organisms or even pet residue, they get removed from the air to the surface firmly. The air becomes devoid of the contaminants and it becomes fresh.

Do ionizers remove micro particles from the air?

Most of the common dust to mold to pet residues to insecticide residue to micro organisms come in the 100 microns to 0.001 micorns. With a huge thrust of ions that keeps all these nasty pollutants yo the ground and surface like a targeted gun, or Air Mask as we call it, doesn’t allow pollutants to inhabit the air anymore. Once the air is filled with the charged Ions, the new pollutants enter the room are caught as they enter and hence its a smart way to keep the indoors free of pollutants and full of fresh air.

Does it need frequent change of filters?

No. You are referring to HEPA filter technology, a previous generation solution air cleaning. Wolf Ion Thruster uses Ionization in a Townsend Avalanche which means it works entirely differently from a physical filter based Air purifiers. The cascade of Ions shot into the air keep making floating particles heavy and charged with the static charge, forcing them to all and attach firmly to a surface. No filter; just stopping the bad pollutants right where they are and disarms them. This way you save on replacement costs of expensive filters while increasing the overall efficiency using the next generation Ion Thruster.

Can I use it as an everyday device in my room?

Wolf Airmask is an everyday, every time device. It has a powerful science working under its strong frames which activates air with Ions and there are no evidence of any harm from Ion enriched enclosures. On the opposite, they capture free moving pollutants, dust and other contaminants from the air, making it light and breathable. Once the allergens are removed, you get a good feel as the air goes into your brain is more pure and lungs become less exhausting; overall you become more at ease and efficient. And since there are no consumables or air filters, the cost of operations is also low making Wolf Ion Thrusters an everyday product, a must have product in every indoor environment for excellent air quality.

How long can I run Wolf Airmask?

As long as you feel like. 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours. Continuously. On and Off. It works efficiently and silently. There are no moving parts and there are no filters to put cost pressure on you as a consumable. One you fit it, you forget it and it works in the background keep on cleaning the air you breathe.

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