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The Bionic Plant uses the Pulsed Electric Field process to electrically charge the leaves and generate negative ions. With a handy design and home-friendly stature, the device could be a natural fix for the households. 

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Science behind Bionic Plant

Particulate matter (P.M, especially P.M2.5), pollutes the air around us. It could create haze-like weather which we could observe in cities recently. These P.Ms are hard pollutants which are difficult to remove using ordinary methods.
Negative ions are used to remove these pollutants as they could electrify the particles and remove them from the air. Plants, under natural conditions, release Negative Air Ions (N.A.I) during the photosynthesis process. These N.A.Is can electrically charge the Particulate matter and remove it more efficiently. Under Pulsed Electric Field (PEF), plants could generate NAIs of about 100x106


Generation of negative air ions (NAI) by pot plants (aloe Aloe arborescens, haworthia Haworthia rasalata, echinopsis Echinopsis tubiflora, mammillaria Mammillaria prolifera, opuntia Opuntia brunnescens, spider plant Chlorophytum comosum, and jade plant Crassula portulacea) was studied when high-voltage pulses were applied to soil. Plants that generated low amounts of NAI (such as jade plant and echinopsis) elevated NAI level 2–3 times over the mean background level. Plants that produced moderate amounts of NAI (haworthia, opuntia, and mammillaria) increased the NAI level hundredfold, whereas highly active plants (aloe and spider plant) increased the NAI level thousand times.


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