Recent studies have shown that plasma can efficiently inactivate microbial pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses in addition to degrading toxins. Moreover, this technology is effective at inactivating pathogens on the surface of medical and dental devices, as well as agricultural products.
The current practical applications of plasma technology range from sterilizing therapeutic medical devices to improving crop yields, as well as the area of food preservation. This review introduces recent advances and future perspectives in plasma technology, especially in applications related to disinfection and sterilization. We also introduce the latest studies, mainly focusing on the potential applications of plasma technology for the inactivation of microorganisms and the degradation of toxins.

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The speed in which the world is changing has been phenomenal. The need of science to convert its learnings into more and more practical solutions has created a new paradigm called innovations. Innovations lead in today’s world. Everyday there’s someone who keeps finding a new solution to an existing problem, better. And that’s the way forward for us too…Leading in innovation to find better living environment solutions to save the world.

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It directly improves what you breath indoors and hence makes your lungs to perform better, like the way they are supposed to. Asthma is a direct threat and Cardio Vascular diseases aren’t exempt too when it comes to polluting air at home or work. You may develop headache and fatigue which makes it difficult to focus on your life’s good things. Wolf Ion Thruster works like an Air Mask and brings the good life, back. Wolf Ion Thruster is far superior in technology compared to old generation Ion Filters for economy and efficiency.

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